About Us


Bear & Bloom started life as nothing more than the sketchbook pages and paintings of a new mummy trying to find a little bit of calm amongst the often emotional minefield of breastfeeding and sleep training.
Whilst motherhood is the best, hardest, most wonderful, most terrifying, most important experience I have ever had maternity leave and the new experience of trying to maintain my career part time was a less creative place than my brain yearned for.
A background in highstreet fashion and print design meant that I was used to designing things for other people but I wanted to explore my own 'handwriting' and ideas too. I desperately needed to find an outlet for my creativity that was truly my own.

I had the tiny beginnings of the brand in my head for years and it wasn't until my little boy Teddy came into the world that I was truly inspired to give it my all and show him that his Mum was capable of achieving something wonderful. I hope that this little business does indeed flourish and bloom just like he is and that one day I will make him as proud of me as I am to be his mum.

Bear & Bloom is a brand founded on the belief that attention to detail is everything.

From the countless hours spent on the hand painted print collections, to the origami thank you notes in our eco friendly packaging, our aim has always been to create a truly magical experience celebrating the beauty of nature and sparking imaginations in those who dare to dream.

In these days of fast consumerism we wanted to create something that would create special memories much like our own childhood nostalgia.

We care about our world and so are always doing our best to use responsibly sourced materials, ethical and eco friendly production methods and packaging. 

Offering handprinted prints and illustrations uniquely created by us we aim to make moments of magic and wonder for big and little daydream believers.