About Us


 Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m the creator of Bear & Bloom.

Bear & Bloom started life as little more than the sketchbook pages and paintings of a new mummy trying to find a little bit of calm amongst the often-emotional minefield of breastfeeding and sleep training.

Before becoming a mother, I had chalked up 15 years’ experience in designing fashion and prints for leading UK and European retailers, but it was only after the birth of my beautiful son that I began exploring my own ‘handwriting’.

I adored this gentle and therapeutic practice of playing with ideas and having the time to indulge my own imagination rather than someone else’s and it wasn’t long before my post-natal hobby became something much more.

I quickly realised that print, pattern and carefully considered detail were not only where my design strengths are, they are also what I enjoy the most.

And that was when Bear & Bloom was born. Slowly but surely, I began creating a collection of whimsical hand-painted prints and wallpapers. At first, I did this with children in mind but, as I really found my style and developed the range, it dawned on me that there is no age limit on imagination. Daydream believers never stop believing – and I should know!

As Bear & Bloom continues to grow, my aim is to sprinkle positivity, colour, and magic throughout the world in my own way; I hope my passion for what I do shows through in each and every one of my designs.


Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you didn’t know you were looking for.


Bear & Bloom is a playground for the imagination – a world completely devoted to all things whimsical and wondrous, founded on the belief that attention to detail is everything.

Through our lovingly created collection of hand-illustrated prints, our inspiring wall art and décor is here to help you rejoice, cheerlead and champion, whatever the occasion.

We fuse nostalgic influences with modern techniques and always work from a place of originality. This means that every Bear & Bloom piece is as unique as it is timeless, and that is something we are very proud of.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and with an enduring appreciation of childhood, Bear & Bloom designs are intended for daydream believers of all ages – from birth and beyond.

A rich blend of encouraging words and intricately detailed illustrations, together with a colour palette to delight your eyes and fancify your walls – Bear & Bloom is devoted to bringing magic to life.

What are you waiting for? Come inside and start daydreaming…


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