Please note that each letter comes with a chocolate coin. This is not vegan, dairy or sugar free so please remove this if inappropriate for your child.

- Postage included in price

This is the second year we have created a truly enchanting, illustrated letter to treasure and keep forever! To be read as a special story to truly capture the enduring magic of Christmas time.

There are 2 options for this letter. The text for letter 2 is written below.

The other option has a slightly different story so you can chose your preference or chose both if you have more than one sibling and wish to have a point of difference in each.

Whilst each letter is intended for a child, you may add more than one name to a letter - we should be able to accommodate 4 siblings names if required.

The text for the letters are shown below. Whilst the child's names will be added we cannot change the content of the letter itself so please read and check that you are happy for your child to receive the letter. The last thing we want to do is cause any upset or distress at the most magical time of year!

Please ensure that you provide the personalisation that you would like in the personalisation box provided. Text will be as supplied and we cannot be held responsible for any misspelling  provided by customer!

Please note that all letters will be beautifully presented but sent in an outer envelope marked Bear and Bloom so that they can be presented at an appropriate moment! These will be sent in late November and early December to ensure that they arrive in good time or Christmas!

Version 2 Christmas Letter text is as follows:

My Dear (insert child's name),

It is once again that busy time of year when the elves and I are busy getting things ready for my annual Christmas Eve journey.

A question I am often asked in the letters I receive is: how do I manage to do so much in just one night?

As a matter of fact, the elves in particular spend almost all of the year preparing for Christmas. Between keeping a watchful eye on everyone and making lists, to making toys and wrapping presents, they really are incredibly hard working folk!

They are always kind and helpful to one another and to their animal and fairy friends. They are also very generous, often showing their gratitude by gifting each other with chocolate coins - their most favourite sweet treat!

Another of my friends who is incredibly hardworking and also happens to be incredibly magical is someone you may know as the Tooth Fairy. 

She lives in Rainbow Wood, spending the spring and summer in a tiny cottage with a thatched roof made from an old robins nest and the chillier winter months in a cosy hollow of a large horse-chestnut tree.  She sleeps for much of each day in a soft bed, lined with feathers (another gift from the robin), but come nightfall she goes about her important work.

All year long, night after night she visits children as they sleep, collecting the teeth they have left for her and leaving them little gestures in return as a thank you. Taking care not to be seen, she is quick as the wind as she flits about from house to house in a cloud of the most magical fairy dust. She takes the teeth back to Rainbow Wood to give to the elves that live and work there.

It is here that they are used to make tools. You see, baby teeth are very strong and small so they are perfect for making the precise and delicate tools that the nimble fingered Elves need. These tools are used for everything - from the building and fixing of elf houses all over the world, to the making of toys and presents in my very own workshop at the North Pole. Without those teeth we wouldn’t be to make all the presents that we do and so you see the tooth fairy really is incredibly important!

The tree she lives in for half of the year also houses the Great Elf Bank, deep beneath its roots. It is here that the elves store their precious, treasured chocolate coins. Each December, the Elves withdraw their savings, to gift to one another to celebrate all of the good deeds that they do throughout the year. Whilst the Tooth Fairy doesn’t  have much of a sweet tooth for chocolate herself, they always gift her a few as a token of appreciation, along with with a basket of her favourite berries and some freshly baked gingerbread as a thank you for all of her hard work and kindness.

We can all learn a lot from the Elves, the fairies and the animals of Rainbow Wood. The giving and receiving of gifts (or chocolate coins) is very wonderful indeed, but it is kindness, friendship and taking care of one another that is truly the most special gift of all.

 Your family take care of you as they love you so very much. Hold onto that magical kindness in your heart and treasure it always.

 May you always believe in magic. 

Your friend, 

Father Christmas