They are only little for such a little while!

Hold the moments and capture their imaginations with this delightfully illustrated height chart. This wall chart can travel with you if you move home and makes the perfect keepsake gift for little ones!

Tiny mermaids frolic in a floral paradise deep under the sea. 
Our beautiful hand painted illustrations create a magical underwater world that you are sure to want to dive into!

Each Height chart is beautifully adorned with a detailed, hand painted Bear & Bloom design.

Height chart wall art print on premium quality paper 

All orders are sent wrapped in tissue without any order note/receipt contained in the parcel. All parcels include a handwritten thank you note. 

If you would like the thank you note left blank or with a specific message (up to 30 words max) please include these instructions in the customer order note when placing your order.

Printed to order - Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for this item to be printed and sent to you.