Wallpaper Measuring Guide

How to work out how much wallpaper you require


What you need

- A tape measure or laser measure

How to do it

1. Measure the width of the wall from wall to wall.

If the wall is straight then this measurement should be fine.
If the wall is curved or a funny shape, then it is best to take a measurement at the bottom and the top and use the largest of the two


Add 5-10 cm for allowance as walls can often measure smaller than they are.


2. Measure the height of the wall from the ceiling to the edge of the skirting board or the floor.

Measure this in 3 places - the left corner, the middle and the right corner. Do not add in skirting unless you plan to remove it.


Add 5- 10 cm allowance for trimming off


3. Calculate how many rolls you need to create the wall.

Our Wallpaper is sized as :

Single Panel : 60 cm wide x 300 cm high


An example of wall calculation :

Width = 250 cm + 10 cm allowance = 260 cm

Height = 275 cm + 10 cm allowance = 285 cm


Make sure the height fits (that 3 metres is long enough for the height of your walls), then take the width and divide it by the width of the panel you want to use

eg. 260 cm / 60 cm = 5  Single Panels  

Width Of Wall Single Panels
50 cm 1
100 cm 2
150 cm 3
200 cm 4
250 cm 5
300 cm 5
350 cm 6
400 cm 7
450 cm 8
500 cm 9
550 cm 10
600 cm 10


Our Wallpaper is sold as single 3 metre panel lengths but if you purchase more than one then 2 rolls will be cut but sent rolled together (2 x 3metre lengths cut and rolled together in one roll)